First Aid Course Burlington

First Aid Course Burlington - In Canada, First Aid certificates can be given by one of 4 training groups which allow the providers of the program to give their particular "brand" of First Aid training. These types of groups are available nationwide, within 3 territories and 10 provinces. They are the Royal Lifesaving Society of Canada, St. John Ambulance, Canadian Ski Patrol and Canadian Red Cross Society.

For the general public, First Aid courses include the "Standard First Aid" where in "Emergency First Aid" and CPR are included. Nonetheless, more specialized training are also provided by the majority of these groups. Like for example, St. John Ambulance offers the "Wilderness First Aid" program. Life guards and the Lifesaving Society provide "Aquatic Emergency Care. The Canadian Red Cross Society has the first aid training which meets regulations for first aid attendants who are employed on the jobsite and first aid classes which meet regulations for child care worker employment.

Workplaces could fall under occupational safety and health insurance regulations which are federal, such as marine, air or rail transportation or provincial like construction sites. These national first aid training organizations offer first aid training that meets the particular training standards, requirements and syllabi set by either a particular province or else by a certain federal regulatory requirement. Like for example, commercial aviation first aid for air transport crew, like airline flight attendants and pilots. Similarly, the maritime business offers first aid for ship's crew and officers.

There are private training companies which provide first aid training which results in certification that meets provincial workplace standards. These kinds of companies must be accredited and authorized by the relevant provincial regulatory ministry or agency. The British Columbia provincial Workers Compensation Board, Worksafe BC sets out Occupational First Aid or OFA training and certification standards and requirements at 3 levels varying from 8 to as much as 40 hours.

There are programs that offer more than just the basic "first aid' training and certification. These further courses comprise "emergency medical responder," "first responder," and "paramedic" in addition to other titles and are standards for "pre-hospital care". For instance, paramedical personnel and fire-rescue personnel offer care which reaches far beyond "first aid." A police officer may not be required to hold a pre-hospital care first aid ticket and only need to have a first aid ticket as part of their current qualification. The military train in pre-hospital emergency care and first aid which is oriented to situations in military combat and similar environments.

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First Aid Training Burlington

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First Aid Training Burlington

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Burlington is a city located on the ridge of the Niagara Escarpment and the shores of the great Lake Ontario. Burlington City is in the centre of what is referred to as the Golden Horseshoe, a dynamic business region in Southern Ontario. Burlington City sits within the Greater Toronto Area and a population of 164,415. Politically, the city belongs to Halton Region. Burlington City is one of the top areas to live in Canada. It is one of the 3 best cities in Canada.

The land area in Burlington City is 187 km2, made up of the sloping plains right in the middle between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. The urban centre of the city of Burlington is located within the south of Hwy. 407 and the Parkway Belt...