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CPR Certification Burlington - Individuals could utilize different types of manikins for medical training purposes. These are used to recreate various situations like for example heart attack or extreme trauma resulting from an accident. Manikins which especially manufactured for basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR training normally only have a head and a torso for adult types. There are full body, advanced manikins manufactured for advanced CPR training. There are also obese male types and female versions available, although, most adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikins are male. The child manikins are normally full body and baby kind manikins are usually full body as well.

When the chin lift/head tilt part of the CPR is properly done, there are conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikins that have airways which will open. When air is breathed into the mouth, the chest clearly rises. Similar to a real person, the xiphoid process at the bottom of the sternum can be felt in an effort to guarantee proper hand position for chest compressions. There are some available kinds that have an attached audible clicker to signal when the compression pressure has been properly done.

There are a few slightly more complex cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikins on the market that have an attached rate monitor to provide instant feedback regarding the rate of compression being formed. In these versions, both the students and the instructors receive the feedback. Other types of manikins use the concept of stoplights for their feedback mechanism. For example, when the compression number reaches 60, a red light appears as a sign that the compressions should be faster, since it is recommended that there are 100 chest compressions per minute. When there are just 80 compressions per minute, a yellow light would signal. When the number of compressions reaches the right amount of 100 per minute, the light changes to green and encourages the individual performing CPR to keep going.

When taking training for ACLS, or advanced cardiac life support, more complex CPR manikins can also be used to train. This level of life support includes intravenous medicines and fluids, endotracheal intubation as electrical defibrillation along with the chest compressions and ventilation. Advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikins are generally full body adult manikins, since this style of manikin enables practice in all of these functions.

Some of the added features for these full body, advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation manikins include adjustable chest rigidity. This feature is available to simulate various body builds. As well, there is a nose, mouth and throat in order to facilitate intubation using standard tubes. These manikins are also equipped with flexible defibrillator electrodes. Every manufacturer of these types of manikins has their own application for programming lots of various health scenarios into the manikin. This enables the trainers to have an opportunity to deal with a range of different types of illnesses or trauma. The more ready a rescuer could be from the training she or he takes, the more effective they would be out in the "real world."

These types of manikins are made to be as life-like as possible. The torso manikins are much more cost effective. Even this kind of manikin has skin which is made to feel extremely real. The advanced manikins may be equipped with many life-like features like for example pupil size and reaction time, the skin can even turn pale or bluish, programmable eyelid blink rate and some are capable of crying real tears! These manikins have been designed and engineered this way to make it more realistic to "treat" the manikin and therefore, simpler to use those skills to a real person.

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